The award winning Daikin Altherma Flex Type air-to-water heat pump is a world-first renewable heating system – ideal for apartment schemes, collective housing, schools, leisure environments and businesses. Efficient air-to-water heat pump technology for apartments and commercial applications >  Heating and domestic hot water from a single  efficient system >  Up to 80°C water temperatures by heat pump only >  For a typical application this system can deliver*:  – 27% reduction in primary energy use   – 59% less CO2 emissions and   –  33% less operating costs compared to an installation with individual gas boilers * Simulation calculation carried out on an apartment building in Belgium: 5 floors, 22 apartments, average size per apartment: 107m²; all apartments are assumed to be heated with under floor heating and radiators. A flexible heating solution:  The Daikin Altherma Flex Type is a highly efficient and versatile hot water and heating solution delivering high water flow temperatures of up to 80°C. With two thirds of the heat generated from the renewable energy source of air, it’s an ideal solution for replacing existing oil, LPG or electric heating systems. By reducing the total primary energy use, Daikin Altherma Flex Type can help to improve the energy performance of buildings, reduce running costs and cut carbon emissions. A modular heating system:  One or more outdoor heat pump units are connected by refrigerant pipework to multiple indoor hydrobox units. Each outdoor unit provides 23-45kW capacity and can connect up to 10 indoor units. The indoor units (5-16kW) can be configured in a centralised or de-centralised arrangement to meet the building’s heating requirements. This offers complete flexibility to integrate air-water heat pump technology in various types of buildings with heat loads up to circa 500kW.