ARTCOOL Ideal for residential, small offices, salons, bars and restaurants. Any background can benefit from an ever changing palate of color to Style your space. Match any Interior From modern to minimalist, classic to contemporary, or rustic to retro, the simple, elegant design of the Artcool Stylist will suit the ambience of any environment and allow you to create a space that is in perfect harmony with the surrounds, no matter what it is. Complete Coverage A fresh breeze isn’t one that hits you in the face… it softly caresses you in cool comfort. The Artcool Stylist redirects airflow to soften the blow, and release the feeling of the outdoors in your place of rest, providing complete coverage with a 3-directional pattern that blows air in all directions to create a true state of relaxation. Illumination and Enlightenment From relaxing to romantic, LG puts you in total control with the ability to customize your color and create a palate of LED lighting. Warm, cool or classic, illuminate your personal space with just the right hue.
Virtual Silence (when Sleep mode) Thanks to LG’s unique BLDC motor and Turbo Fan technology, unnecessary noise is eliminated to allow for smooth, nearly silent operation. At only 19dB, the Artcool Stylist reduces noise to a level almost half of that of a hushed library to provide true peace of mind. Additionally, silent night mode insures a quieter, more peaceful experience for the user by reducing peak noise levels when you’re ready to rest.
60% Energy Saving The revolutionary inverter technology of LG with its highly efficient heat exchanger and compressor boasts powerful yet silent performance while minimizing energy consumption by as much as 60% to create the world’s most energy efficient air conditioning system so you can use more and save more.
BLDC Compressor The LG inverterV air conditioner comes with a BLDC compressor that uses a strong neodymium magnet. Its compressor thus has improved efficiency compared with an AC inverter. 1. Minimizes Oil Circulation with an Oil-Separator system - Reliability second at high speed - Efficiency increased at low speeds 2. Maximizes Motor Efficiency - Concentrates & distributes - Increase EER at lower loads 3. Minimizes Compression Loss BLDC Fan motor The BLDC Fan motor, which is specifically adapted to work with the LG InverterV, makes quiet cooling possible compared to conventional AC/DC motors. In addition, precise speed control provides 13 different steps for smoother operation. Torque Control Delicate torque control enables the compressor to operate at minimum hertz levels of 35Hz and below, which minimizes noise and vibration while increasing energy efficiency.
ARTCOOL Stylist LG has created an air conditioner that lets you take command of your senses with the soft feel of the breeze on your skin, the quiet hum of efficient cooling and the changing hues of light in the air. The sense of control over the wind, and the sun, and even the ripples in the fabric of your busy life is truly empowering.
ARTCOOL Mirror Unlike many home appliances, LG air conditioners are designed as functional art – to look cool as they cool. Modern, stylish and elegant for a refreshing addition to your home décor, the attractive designs of LG are incomparable in style and a perfect match for any room.
Innovative Remote Control This simple and intuitive remote control has a suitably small, clear screen to display fundamental information as well as “hot keys” for quick access to  your most used functions. It takes less movement to do more with the innovative shape and function of the controls.