Wall mounted unit - Seasonal Efficiency FTXS / RXS-L(G) Suitable for bedrooms, living rooms  or small offices. All units in the FTXS range are fitted with a photocatalytic air purifying filter and are extremely quiet when operating, ensuring perfect comfort. FTXS-K / RXS-K pairs are listed on the Energy Technology List (ETL) – the definitive list of products that qualify for Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA). Connectable to mini-VRV and VRV IV heat pump using a BPMK box. The FTXS series wall mounted unit delivers top performance with Seasonal Energy Efficiency ratings  up to A++. Suitable for bedrooms, living rooms or small offices, the FTXS range are all equipped with an infra-red remote control with a 7 day timer. The time  allows you to programme a 7 day schedule with 4 different actions per day. All units are fitted with 1-area Intelligent Eye sensors. If the sensor detects the room is empty, it will switch to economy mode to save  energy then restart when someone re-enters. The FTXS35, 42 and 50K are fitted with 2-area Intelligent Eye sensors.  As well as the functionality of the 1-area Intelligent Eye, when people are detected in the room the sensor will direct air-flow away  from them. 
600x600, 4-way Blow ceiling mounted cassette FFQ-B9V 4-way blow cassette: efficiency and comfort in a standard ceiling tile format. Whisper-quiet, draught-free comfort in a ceiling tile format. And as part of the Daikin seasonal efficiency line-up, Daikin 4-way blow cassettes meet tomorrow’s stricter energy requirements today. So businesses like yours with long running hours and high air conditioning loads can enjoy the lower operating costs and increased comfort of tomorrow’s technology, today. Energy label:  up to class A • Unit fits into standard architectural modules • Modern decoration panel in white (RAL9010) • 4-way blow for comfortable air distribution • As silent  as rustling leaves